Villanueva Interior Design Associates


Lipa Batangas


Inspired by Nature, Designed for Luxury

At Villanueva Interior Design Associates, Tito Villanueva draws inspiration from the natural beauty of Lipa, Batangas, infusing our designs with elements that reflect the city’s rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes. From earthy textures and organic materials to panoramic views and open spaces, his projects in Lipa embody the essence of luxury living amidst nature’s splendor. 

Living Room

The living room of the Lipa Batangas residence serves as the heart of the home, designed for both relaxation and socializing.

Master Suite

The master suite is the epitome of luxury and tranquility, providing a private retreat within the home. 

Gourmet Kitchen

Every detail, from the high-end finishes to the carefully selected fixtures, has been meticulously designed to create a kitchen as practical as it is beautiful.

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